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Slovenia Featured in Wall Street Journal

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In the Adventure & Travel section of the Wall Street Journal dated October 29, 2016, Slovenia is featured as one of 10 “buzzy destinations, all on the brink of change, to visit in 2017.” Slovenia: A good choice if you’re looking for a chic, unlikely hideout since plenty of people don’t know where it is. The little nation (pop. 2 million) that broke away from Yugoslavia in 1991 is squished between Austria and Croatia, and it’s only an hour-and-a-half drive from Venice.

The “jet set’s new Italy” has all the charms of the Boot – wine, food, landscape – and none of the mobs or sky-high price tags (yet). A two-bedroom suite in Castle Otočec, surrounded by 13th-century walls and nestled in woods on an island in the Krka River about 45 miles from the capital Ljubljana, goes for $400 per night (



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