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Yes, we have much to be grateful for this year. Our country’s unemployment rate this year started at 4.1 percent and the latest numbers are down to 3.7 percent. Just two years ago the reported unemployment rate averaged 4.8 percent and back in 2013 the rate was 7.2 percent when the economy started to come out of the real-estate fi nancial collapse.

Today, job seekers are much in demand and the coming year’s outlook appears to be positive, in spite of the continued budget defi cit growth. Our President’s biggest achievement to date has been his focus on our economy and job growth; however, there are no guarantees of a repeat performance. A number of economists continue to report the current results with a word of caution, as they suggest that the U.S. is not an island and that it is very dependent on healthy economic conditions experienced by its neighbors.

Author: Peter Osenar

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